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Amateur Radio license examinations are on a regular basis in the Eastern North Carolina area by ARRL certified Volunteer Examiners. Central North Carolina testing is done by the ARRL, W4VEC, and W5YI volunteer examiners. The testing fee increased to $15.00 for 2011 and one test fee can cover all three elements of the test.

You can look on our calendar or session location page to locate local test sites, or you can check the ARRL exam location web page, the W4VEC site, or W5YI site for a test location in your area.

Online Practice Exam Sites

To prepare for the test, there are many online practice exam sites that cover all three elements of the Amateur Radio License Exam:

Element 2 (35 question Technician level): N4RPD

Element 3 (35 question General level): N4RPD

Element 4 (50 question Extra level): N4RPD

On-line Practice Sites used on this page:
Rob DeVega, N4RPD (a past OARC member) - Michael H. Burkhardt

Some sites offer on-line study guides and question information.
Online Study Guides: Technician Study Guide
Online question information:
ARRL question pools - Michael H. Burkhardt

Volunteer Exam Coordiator (VEC) Test Lookup Sites:
Anchorage ARC-VEC - ARRL-VEC - Milwalkee RAC-VEC - Sunnyvale ARC-VEC -
W4VEC - W5YI-VEC -- FCC VEC list